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Decursinol-50 ™ (for Minor Pain Relief)

JLM Marketing, Inc is launching an all-natural, potent analgesic from South Korea. After extensive animal, and human clinical evaluations, our JV partner and manufacturer has demonstrated a pattern of relief with participants experiencing forms of chronic, and blunt trauma pain. Decursinol will be targeted towards a market segment that has the ability to translate our data and product to a finished form in the pain relief sector.  Or as FDA allows-“Minor Pain Relief”.

Extract from the dried roots of Korean Angelica (Angelica gigas Nakai) has been used for several hundred years in traditional Homeopathic remedies applied towards pain relief.

After seven years of research and botanical evaluation, we developed a refined, extraction process that translates to what we first called TCMJ06. We are launching to US and European markets as Decursinol-50, which is actually a sub-component of our newly developed product. The Chinese and Japanese species bear much lower levels of decursinol distribution and it’s greater active congener, decursin. The hybrid is only endemic to S. Korea.

Within the context of clinicals and utilizing VAS scoring no side effects or significant hemodynamic changes in blood pressure, respiration rate, electrocardiogram and blood oxygen levels were observed. In summary, 68% of the non-placebo group with a history of chronic degenerative joint arthritis showed reductions in pain.

We are applying additional data utilizing further clinical information towards the positive effects of Decursinol towards additional arthritic variables. Patents have been filed for the technology and use of Decursinol  as an analgesic and for the use in dementia as well.

The products we will be offering are classified by the FDA as dietary supplements and not drugs. The U.S. FDA has not evaluated the effectiveness of any of these supplements and these supplements cannot be represented to diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease. These supplements have been imported into the U.S. with full FDA and U.S. Customs review at the respective U.S. ports.


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